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     Copyright (c) 1994,1995    William Pemberton (wfp5p@virginia.edu)
     The X Consortium, and any party obtaining a copy of these files from
     the X Consortium, directly or indirectly, is granted, free of charge, a
     full and unrestricted irrevocable, world-wide, paid up, royalty-free,
     nonexclusive right and license to deal in this software and
     documentation files (the "Software"), including without limitation the
     rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense,
     and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons who receive
     copies from any such party to do so.  This license includes without
     limitation a license to do the foregoing actions under any patents of
     the party supplying this software to the X Consortium.


#ifndef _XBUFFY_H_
#define _XBUFFY_H_

#include <unistd.h>
#include <X11/Intrinsic.h>
#include "libdyn/dyn.h"

#ifndef HAVE_BCOPY
#define bcopy(x,y,z) memcpy(y,x,z)
#define bzero(S,len) memset(S,0,len)

#define MAX_STRING 256

#define NEW_MSG 1
#define OLD_MSG 2
#define READ_MSG 4
#define UNKNOWN 8
#define LINEFEED (char) 10

#define X_RESOURCE_CLASS "XBuffy" 

enum BoxType_e {
  MAILBOX = 0,

typedef enum BoxType_e BoxType_t;

enum BoxNameType_e {NONE = 0, SHORT, LONG, USR, UNDEF};
typedef enum BoxNameType_e BoxNameType_t;

struct articles_s
      long firstNum;
      long lastNum;

typedef struct articles_s Articles_t;     

struct BoxInfo_s{
  Widget w;
  int boxNum;                 /* the box number */
  char *box;                  /* the box filename or newsgroup */
  BoxType_t type;       /* the box type (mail, news, etc) */

  DynObject articles; /* for newsgroups, the read pairs  */

  time_t box_mtime;           /* last time read */
  off_t st_size;        /* size of file on last read */
  int n;                      /* the number of messages in the box */
  char *command;
  char *audioCmd;
  char *boxTitle;
  int last;
  int pollTime;
  int headerTime;
  int nobeep;
  int origMode;
  char *bgName, *fgName; /* these are only used in the boxfile function */
  Pixel bg,fg;
  BoxNameType_t BoxNameType;
#ifdef USE_LED
  short led;                  /* led number */
  int pid;        /* led flasher pid */
typedef struct BoxInfo_s BoxInfo_t;

struct ApplicationData_s
    char *mailBoxes;
#ifdef USE_NNTP
    char *newsBoxes;
#endif                          /* USE_NNTP */
    Boolean horiz;
    Boolean shortNames;
    Boolean longNames;
    Boolean origMode;
    Boolean nobeep;
    Boolean center;
    Boolean fill;
    char *pollTime;
    char *headerTime;
    char *audioCmd;
    char *command;
    char *boxFile;
    char *priority;
    Pixel bg, fg;

typedef struct ApplicationData_s ApplicationData_t;

#ifdef _AIX
#include <sys/access.h>
#define exists(fname) (access(fname, E_ACC) == 0)
#define canChange(fname) (accessx(fname, (R_ACC | W_ACC), ACC_SELF) == 0)
#define exists(fname) (access(fname, F_OK) == 0)
#define canChange(fname) (access(fname, (R_OK | W_OK)) == 0)

#define NEWstrlen(s) (s == NULL ? 0 : strlen(s))
#define NEWstrdup(s) (s == NULL ? NULL : strdup(s))

extern char *header_cmp();
#endif /* _XBUFFY_H_ */

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